A little world in the forest


Medium: Japanese Washi paper, Vietnamese Zdo paper, ink, watercolor, wire, LED light
Dimension: Installation in space 40m2


For the project at Art in the Forest in Flamingo Dai Lai, I was very inspired by the serie of galleries made out of the containers. They are like the magic boxes hidden inside the forest, inside each container is a different world of dream that each artist has created. That inspiration has motivated me to transform my container into a giant light box light up by paper sculptures hanging randomly across the rooms with LED light inside each of them. My light box would be lighted up everyday both during day time as well as at night, creating different effect for the viewers to look at from different times of the day and to experience the space differently whether they are inside or outside of the container.
These paper sculptures filled with ink drawing resembles an imaginative world of landscape, nature, water as well as dream in an abstract form. My intention is to invite the viewers to walk in and enjoy this world of fantasy.

Art in the Forest