Archival Criteria

Principles of building Criteria:

This set of criteria is built to choose artworks to VCAD’s archival collection. This set of criteria is reviewed every 12 months to adapt with the new situation while still maintaining the core principles and vision that VCAD is pursuing.


As an independent online database of Vietnamese Contemporary Art, VCAD sets out the following criteria in archiving artistic contents in order to reflect the most complete picture of Vietnamese Contemporary Art. The objects of VCAD collection are artworks/artistic practices by Vietnamese artists, Vietnamese artists living and working abroad, as well as international artists residing and creating artworks in Vietnam or whose work content relates to Vietnam. The scope of collection and archival is the records of contemporary artworks/artistic practices covering the period since 1990.

Basically, artworks and artistic practices we choose for archival records need to meet the following criteria:

  • Idea and Content: Artwork/Artistic Practice needs to convey a concept, content that correlates with the definition of contemporary, captures topical issues of society and local communities or comments on the regional or global concerns.
  • Originality: Artwork/Artistic Practice needs to be guaranteed by the author’s copyright: have a specific and honest origin, all references and citations (if any) must be clearly cited. No copyright infringement accepted.
  • Creativity: As a creative product, artwork/artistic practice must demonstrate novelty at the time of its appearance. Being avant-garde preceding the contemporary aesthetic perception is an advantage.
  • Aesthetics:
    • Artwork/Artistic Practice basically need to answer the reason and purpose of application reflected in its content, materials, layout, expressive language and structure.
    • Prioritize Artwork/Artistic Practice that ensures safety standards for the community and the environment, has a vision of ecological balance, respect nature, limit the use of materials harmful to the environment, and waste natural resources.
  • Integrity: Artwork/Artistic Practice needs to ensure a certain integrity in conveying concepts and content in relation to the form of presentation expressed in physical, visual, material structure or implementation method in physical, virtual space or (and) time.
  • Consistency: Being consistent in the aesthetic content and presentation of the artwork as well as in the artist’s entire practice is a factor to consider.

Artworks/Artistic Practices that meet the above criteria, whether or not fully introduced in an official event, will be considered to be reviewed for inclusion in the VCAD system. The above criteria are evaluated and decided by the VCAD’s Advisory Board.

In addition, the VCAD’s Advisory Board may consider the following additional criteria for reference:

  • Artworks which have been displayed in prestigious art exhibitions and events in Vietnam and abroad (catalog).
  • Artworks which have been featured in prestigious collections in Vietnam and abroad (list of collections).
  • Artworks which have won prestigious art awards in Vietnam and abroad (list of awards).
  • Artworks which are featured in prestigious publications and art journals (list of publications).

Evaluation method:

Annually, the VCAD executive team creates a list of nominated artists and artworks and sends it to the Advisory Board for reviewing and voting for those to be included into the archive through a regular evaluation meeting.