Delving deep and deeper into taking this series of photography, I almost forgot my first purpose; to build a sequence of photos disregarding usual notions on nudity; taboo, unhealthy and sensitive. I wanted to focus on curves, shapes, hidden corners and the lay-out of the models’ form. I am really attracted to the language of the body.

My models are ordinary people whom I met in passing, acquaintances. I spoke very little when photographing them and conversation with them was limited; it was freestyle photography minus any preconceived purpose or installation. The models seem contented in themselves, in their own world and somewhat lonely and innocent. I quietly stood away pulling them closer with the zoom lens of the camera. They all carried with them a different sense, one looked deep in her loneliness, the other naively and anxious. One looked surprisingly natural, and the other looked so slim and fragile...

When looking on their own image in this exhibition, those 4 people from different regions (South, Middle Region, and North Vietnam as well as one Westerner) might not realize which one is their own body, although their bodies were all very different, full-body, medium-size, thin and well-proportioned. On the other hand the models might see themselves everywhere… Normal concepts of the body are extinguished, when one gets closer it is like language with no limit, no distinction. The body is strongly expressive, it is a spirit onto itself, and it is extremely near and dear.