My body is submerged in delirium

Watercolor on silk.


My essence submerged in introspection,” a series of artistic works dealing with the loss of culture. The beauty and richness of the bygone era are forgotten in obscurity. In Bích Khê’s poem “Tôi đã chết rồi tiếng nói như châu (I am now dead, then my voice is like pearl)”. The word “pearl” has many layered meanings in Vietnamese music. Phạm Duy, in his introduction to the musical compilation “Dị Khúc,” which sets Bich Khê’s poetry to music, expounds: “Châu means a vast parcel of land like a province, such as Ô province or Lý province. It is also an island,
a tract of land. Moreover, it means pearl, a precious gem of great value. It is also a teardrop. Châu is also the physical body.” The many-layered meaning in a word is not something many, owing to the erosion of the contemporary Vietnamese language, is appreciated. From this simplistic point of view, I expand my gaze to encompass a broader scope of contemporary life. It becomes evident that loss manifests itself in myriad ways, transcending the boundaries of language, culture, architecture, and even our behavior toward one another. It is a collective experience, a void that permeates our very being, leaving us disoriented and disconnected from the essence of beauty.

In finding an artistic expression, I embark on a journey of introspection, seeking to confront and reconcile with the prevailing sense of loss. Through various creative techniques, I strive to juxtapose and contemplate my thoughts from diverse angles, allowing the artwork
to become a conduit for reflections and layered meaning. The artwork serves as a vessel for storytelling, offering glimpses into a dreamscape where the human form stands solitary amidst the shadows, desolate fields, and cold mist. It reflects the inner desolation of the human soul in a tumultuous era, where cherished values are often trivialized and dismissed. Just as the word “Châu” embodies the physical form, it is also a tear shed for oneself, the land, and the beloved homeland. In this exploration of loss and desolation, we encounter a poignant reflection of the human condition in contemporary life.

Description extracted from The Grapevine Selection Exhibition Catalog, year 2023, p. 44.