The Bridge


There are three countries in the world that were or are still splitted into two halves which are: Vietnam, North and South Korea, and Germany.

Through The Bridge II we would like to get people’s attention to the pain and loss caused by the separation of a country.

The story of The Bridge is the successive part of the story told by Lê Brothers in the project The Bridges of Vietnam, Korea and Germany. Each time the story is told, it brings new details as if it is an endless story. It is about the connection of extremes, separations, dreams and real lives…

The Bridge, co-performed by Lê Brothers, is about far-away dreams and memories that lively recur in the eventful life in the three countries, which were once or are still divided into two parts.

On the border line from which the two parts of a country diverge there exist the separation, random encounters, and the transformation of two counter living objects.

The Bridge centres around the long existing struggles of many generations of mankind and creators. In addition to that is young people’s thinking about the past, being full of pain, blood and tears; that they never had a chance to witness aside from reading books or being told by someone else.

The Bridge is an effort of using art to present the thinking of the post-war young generation about their country’s history. It is also an effort to express the reaction of artists-citizens toward the unceasing transformation of their country.