The exponents without number


Mixed media (acrylic, plastic sheet). Dimension varied.


The exponents without number is a installation of 60 transparent plastic sheets hunging in the air.

The exponents without number is a collection of artworks in which images undergo a process of duplication. Created mostly using transparent materials, the images invade the space and pull the audience into a silent “play”.

This “play” of visuals is filled with the authenticity of a contemporary reality and the sincerity of real-life characters. So close yet so far away, the characters are trapped in their own narratives. Separated by the coldness of the plastic, they distance themselves from their own kind.

Silent, they stay inside the “play”, mimicking each other’s expressions, yet they can’t grow attached. Quite, they stay, merging until their originals and variations are abandoned. Together, they use their body language to express an inability to change. Immersed in their selfish universes, they are unable to find the rhythm of the outside world. Like invisible members of an orchestra, they appear soundless and motionless. The “play”, although silent, leads us into a more complex and conflicted reality.