The old dreams


Wood, fishing line, silver paper in cigarette boxes.


I want to tell you a little story. When I was a child, (I do not remember exactly when), I read a fairy tale which was called, if I remember correctly, “The magical brush”. The main character is a boy who loved drawing. He was given the gift of a magic brush by a God. Miraculously, when he drew anything completely with that brush, the thing he drew would turn into reality. When he was hungry, he drew his favorite dish; it would become true. He painted a bird, and just when he finished the eyes, the bird flapped its wings to fly away. That is why I do not want to lift the wings of paper cranes to make them look like they are flying: because the paper crane is a symbol of the dreams. In addition to not folding the wings, I did not fold the heads of the paper cranes, either. I want you do it by yourself, with every happy day, and combine them into a curtain that shows what you dream of. If you do this from now until you pass away, you will have a complete curtain of paper cranes.