Where they turn to


The contemplative corridor of Lý Trần Quỳnh Giang brings the viewers into an emulated forest, a quiet scenery, soaked in existential solitude that utters no sound – a fitful blue that knows no origin and seeks no end.

The sombre-filled landscape is composed of a myriad of subdued tones. Thick and coarse strokes make the characters seem popped up above the flat and still canvas. While all of them are half-animals with emotions welling in their eyes, each portrait harbors a distinct form and personality: here withdrawn and catatonic, there frolicking unperturbed in their own realm. In the world of such curious creatures, they seem both the masters of their own territory, and the prisoners of the mythical land that they themselves create.

Text extracted from Fractured Times Exhibition Guide, 2022, p. 19.