Words that weren’t spoken

1000 × 500 × 350 (cm)

Mixed media (coloured plastic sheets, wood cleats, wire mesh, hot glue sticks). Dimension variable.


Behind the superficial appearance may just lie hidden some deep truth. On the other side of visual images one may just find verbal words.

The landscape that I set up was completely fake and fussy. Fake trees. Fake shrubs. Fake leaves. Fake flowers. They were all made of plastic fabric.

Yet these multi-coloured flowers hid within their petals intimate, sincere and profound words. Words that could not be spoken by their unknown owners in front of the crowd. Those were the unseen twists and turns of the soul. Those were the true stories.


My thanks to all who have sent me those words that were yet to be spoken, words that have now found their place within the flowers that strangers are now discovering on the other side of the ocean.

My thanks to Museum Dapper of Paris, the team of professional at the Museum and the residents of Goree island who have all worked together to enable the realisation of my work.