There’s an ant inside my glass of water
  • Chau Hoang
  • Chaosdowntown Cháo
  • Chaosdowntown Cháo
  • Zero Station

The exhibition is the artist’s experimentation on reconstructing an existing space and practicing site-specific installation.

Xuân Hạ’s work initially driven by her desire to bid a farewell to the last few years when she has undergone major transformations both physically and emotionally. The memories of certain spaces / situations were overthrowned in the formation of other spaces / situations. The remaining things in one’s mind were condensed or taken apart in the aftermath of a period. Xuân Hạ’s work is a quasi-documentation derived from the constant negiotiation between the artist and the rapidly changing surroundings as well as her humble attempt to make sense of the everyday. Audiences are invited into a space in which they would experience an encounter with what constitutes one’s mind - a metaphorical site where fragments of one’s personal narratives are presented in their sheer ordinariness.

This exhibition is part of the Asian In/Visible Station project, initiated by ZeroStation, funded by The Japan Foundation, Asia Center.