63 × 20 × (cm)


The work is displayed in the form of a sculpture. The turtlehead models (x3) were made by scanning Lidar on the actual scale, then molded and poured with bath soap. The work encourages viewers to rub the turtle’s head and is expected to be corrupted entirely after the Hanoi - Saigon exhibition schedule. I choose the material bath soap because it has a scent, and for me, it keeps the memory most completely. In addition, this material is intimate because it directly interacts with our skin daily. The corrosion rate will increase compared to the original stone turtle head. This underscores my view of the impermanent existence of a supposed art object. At the same time, they raise fundamental questions about faith and its effects on the surrounding environment.

Description from The Grapevine Selection Exhibition Catalog, 2023, p.25.