History of NOW

21 × 18.5 × 3 (cm)

8 sets, 2 books each.

My own family members of the previous generations have made considerable contributions to our country's history and culture, therefore I have great interest in the reexamination of history. As a result, I wanted to create a book about history for my own. History and time are two parallel concepts, history is time passed, and the past affects change to the present, then so it makes impact to the future. A solid structural linearity yet it contains unsubstantial traits. When history/past is manipulated and controlled by many factors, especially and importantly by its current ideology, how is the correlation between the present/future and the linearity affected? Is there a procedure to show history truest to its nature without being compromised by any factor? With these questions in my mind, I created the book History of Now. Firstly, by naming its title and not using numerical order, I intend to destroy the structural linearity of time. Secondly the book contains no image or language, all of the pages are opaque mirrors that reflect the viewer and the space it occupied. When the viewer opens the book, instantly the viewer creates the concept of history for the book at that moment. When the book is closed it is history, by opening it is the present, and the future that is will be present. In a way, it is always present when there is an interaction between the book and its viewer.