Inner Allergy


Traditionally, a sculpture is produced with materials such as concrete, bronze, stone, wood, iron, ceramic, plastic, etc. I combine those materials with foam. Foam has two physicalities, liquid and solid, and is subjected to substantial external impacts under different conditions to arrive at its final shape. This uncontrollable property of Foam reminded me of uncertainty in the form of allergies on my body, as on anything else. The origin of random allergies is a testament to the uncertainty of the allergens in and out of every “body.” I liken myself to a “body,” a house to a “body,” society to a “body,” and presence to a “body,” or faith, after all, is a “body.” All are exposed to limitless allergens.

Inspired by the physical and mental lives of individuals, about allergies through the experience of allergies when eating bread, body allergies are in sync with the reactions of the self - when human emotions are provoked and invaded by the turbulent flow of information on online social networks. Through that, I depict pain by visualizing the wound with sculpture. By composing about physical allergy, I want to express the sensibility of mental body allergy.

Inner Allergy attempts to portray psychological allergies - the self’s passive reactions to social influences.

Description from The Grapevine Selection Exhibition Catalog, 2023, p.20.