One, Two, Many no.3

1.8 × 1.4 × 8 (cm)

Mixed-media (PLA plastic, dry wall).


Already known for his maps, games, and short stories about an imagined world of My Land, for the past year, Hà Ninh Pham has been focusing on the invention of an imaginary language that he calls “Loop Script”. The language is built based on three subjects/forms and does not have the linear structure of sentences and clauses of our normal language. As it is the language of the universe of My Land, Loop Script is capable of self-documenting its own history and revealing its reality.

In exhibition Fractured Times, Hà Ninh continues exploring the narrative nature of “Loop Script”, particularly the system of numbering. Conversing with the tight paths that connect different spaces, as well as the architectural space of The Outpost, One, Two, Many no.3 is experienced top-down, forcing the viewers to move according to a path of sequential steps.

Text extracted from Fractured Times Exhibition Guide, 2022, p. 27.