Potato’s Portrait
Watercolor on silk, 80 x 80 cm each (2 paintings total).


Potato’s Portraits are about the connection between soil, potato and ambition of humanity. Soil represents the human body – the image of life. Potato, a nutrient-dense vegetable, may possibly become poison for us. Apart from digesting nutrition to supply the operation of the human body, we are also consume an enormous amount of dream to maintain a spiritual life. Potatoes are like dream growing inside us. Harvesting them at the right time may offer an abundant crop, but sometimes we would like to keep hope to grow them bigger under the ground. When dreams are getting bigger they soon become greed. Just like when a potato sprouted, its nutrition becomes poisonous. This toxin spreads insidiously and grows with time. the soil which gave life to good, could have also raised the bad. From there, the circulation continues. 

Original statement by the artist.

Source: Nguyen Art Foundation.