The Broken Bridal Horse

© Sàn Art

© Sàn Art


Installation 1 channel HD color video with sound; wooden table, glove, guitar nails. Dimension variable.


Trần Tuấn responds to the family story that has persistently followed his life and practice, only this time he chooses to experiment with video installation instead of sculpture to address the question of consequences resulting from the act of making a choice in a particular social context. Unique to Vietnam’s history and the artist himself, the work tells the story of his grandfather, father, and uncles, and the harsh decisions they had to make along different periods of wars. A long tale of games and rules of life that each and every one of us are bound to face once we step onto the realm of independent adulthood.

Text extracted from Sàn Art's press release of the Choose to Move exhibition.


My father’s story:

"From 1978 to 1979, Vietnamese military forces entered Cambodia. There were many sources of information about these events, both official and unofficial, and also about the following years when Vietnamese forces continued participating in battles in Cambodia. I didn’t understand why "we", the Vietnamese people – who only a few years prior to the events, were fighting against the American invasion, could send military forces to another country – what were we doing? I didn’t want to accept that kind of war ideology, I didn’t want to shoot people I did not know. In that deadly and chaotic situation, I did not want to let my finger touch any gun – never."

My work has three components: the first tells the story of one not willing to fire guns; the second is "Chi Chi Chanh Chanh" - a kids’ game in which the slowest kid has to let others play on his or her hand; and the third is "Rock Paper Scissor" - a gambling game between a child and a grown-up.

Statement provided by the artist.

The artwork is part of Choose to Move exhibition, Sàn Art Laboratory session 6th.