Trần Tuấn

Trần Tuấn was born in Huế, graduated from Huế College of Art with a degree in Traditional Decoration (2006).


As a multidisciplinary artist, Trần Tuấn does not limit his work into any category or format, but often lets the subject and context of the work lead the way. His main concern is about the human condition through marginalized stories in history, vulnerable communities under the rapid stratification of contemporary Vietnamese society.


Trần Tuấn has participated in the Artist-in-residency program of San Art Laboratory (2015) and Sapporo (Japan, 2019). He was invited to be foreigner lecturer in the Multidisciplinary Art Department, Faculty of Fine Art, Chiangmai University (Thailand, 2019).


He is the founder and director of Then Café art space and Làng Art Dorm – the artist-in-residency model in Huế city. He’s also the director of Dash Project: An Arts Project that is based on the model ‘artists and specific community’ initiated by Làng Art Dorm since 2017.


Text by VCAD based on information provided by the artist.

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