Tran Luong

Tran Luong, born in Hanoi, graduated from Hanoi University of Fine Art (1983), is a visual and performance artist, an independent curator, and a figure who has many contributions to the creation of a critical contemporary art space in Vietnam. Since 2000, he has also been working as a social developer.


Among the first artists to experiment with performance art and video, Tran Luong produces works with a grounding in local experiences. His art critiques oppression and focuses on humans’ resilience as a way to empower them through personal and introspective actions.


Tran Luong’s curatorial practice encourages artists to expand their creative parameters, engages in dialogues with the government, creates opportunities for artistic exchange among regions of Vietnam, paves the way for Vietnamese artists who have settled overseas to return, and hosts international artists. He devotes a lot of efforts to developing art spaces, launching initiatives, and building networks and communities focusing on performance and video art in Vietnam.


Tran Luong is a member of Gang of Five (1983–1996), co-founder of Nhà Sàn Studio, founder of the Hanoi Contemporary Art Center in 2000 and worked as its director until 2003, co-founder and manager of APD Center for Art Patronage and Development (since 2020).


Text by VCAD based on information provided by the artist.

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Laureate, 2014
Prince Claus Fund, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Fellow, 2002
Civitella Ranieri Foundation, New York, USA
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Granted, 1999
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Asian Cultural Council, New York, USA
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