License 2 Draw: Laser Target Shooting


Multi-media installation. Mixed media (Robot, app, electronics, Arduino app, webcam camera, ip cameras, canvas, colour pens, Mac laptop, installation, lasers, paper, fan). Dimensions variable.


License 2 Draw's is a crowdsourcing app art with remotely controlled L2D robotic devices.

License 2 Draw app enable its users to break down all national borders to create drawings, to interfere with sculptures, and to destroy things inside another country. The system is designed to authorize this "border crossing". The artist sets up the system, and users from all over the world will take over and finish the artwork.

License 2 Draw was inspired by the drone war concept. If a war can be fought from afar, why can’t art be made from half way across the world, thousands of kilometers away from its creators.

The artwork is part of Undefined Boundaries exhibition, curated by Hye Young Kim and Nguyễn Anh Tuấn, organized by Heritage Space and Korean Cultural Center in Vietnam.