Kìa non non, nước nước, mây mây

Giới thiệu

Hà Mạnh Thắng's solo exhibition Kìa non non, nước nước, mây mây (literally translated as: There, mountains and mountains, water and water, clouds and clouds), as the following chapter of Thắng's previous solo show at Galerie Quynh, 2021, The Reflection, the exhibition features 16 experimental works in the Đối Ảnh series that illustrate the artist's continued fascination with materiality, time, and the excavation of history and cultural heritage.

The exhibition title borrows from Hương Sơn Phong Cảnh Ca (Huong Son Landscape Song) by the renowned Nguyễn Dynasty intellectual Chu Mạnh Trinh. The poem encapsulates well the complexity of emotions when one is confronted by the magnificence of nature. The same sentiment can also be observed in Thắng's artistic practice. Over the years he has focused on exploring the polysemic nature of landscape, and the evolution of viewing landscape in art from ancient times up to the present.

These artworks assume the form of a sculpture and a history-laden artefact, and in turn transform the historic Tôn Thất Thiệp house into a space for the discussion of past legacies. Kìa non non, nước nước, mây mây belongs to Thắng's larger series Circle of Time (2016 - present) and reflects his commitment to the themes of eternity and timelessness. It is where art can be a reflection of the past, of the unconscious mind or of lost memories.

Source: Galerie Quynh.