Ngô Đình Bảo Châu

Born in Đồng Tháp and a graduate of Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts (2010), Ngô Đình Bảo Châu is a cross-disciplinary artist currently living and working between Huế and Ho Chi Minh City.

She is an artist whose diverse practice spans across painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, object creation, sound, often in collaboration with artisans. Her cross-disciplinary works are rooted in the obsessions of everyday life.  For her, the spirit of everyday life entails perceptions and ideas about the existence, behaviors, beliefs, habits, individuality and collectivism, and schedule of each individual. Her works make strong connections between art and function, architectural elements and collective memory. Bảo Châu combines the primitive nature of an object or phenomenon with her own imagination to redefine them through her own interpretation.

She has taken part in residencies at Sàn Art Laboratory, Ho Chi Minh City (2013); New York Fellowship, apexart, New York City (2018); and 943 Studio, Kunming, China (2010).


Text by VCAD, based on information provided by the artist. 

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